Quality Policy

Mesosystem has the main purpose to provide safe and effective products and services to the market segment of medical devices and medical cosmetics, which meet all the requirements of the customers, keeping their confidence.”

Mesosystem quality management system dedicates itself to use different techniques and behaviours to continuously reduce variations in processes and products - satisfying the requirements of the interested parties, both external and internal, and providing a framework for the establishment and review of quality objectives.

Mesosystem is committed to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The company strives to prevent the defects when focusing on processes, which results in better quality products. These results only happen due to the use of the best resource of the company: the human resources that are responsible for and taken into consideration concerning the quality of their work.

Mesosystem maintains a work environment that promotes the continuous improvement of quality in all areas of their operations.

Mesosystem ensures that this Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the within the organization, being revised by management to ensure its continued


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