Mesosystem SA – Building up the future of medical cosmetics

Having been created in 2007 with the goal of creating high performance medical cosmetics, the company Mesosystem SA has been increasing its exportations. These results have been awarded with the Export Award – PME (SME) of Millenium BCP Horizons Awards.

Mesosystem established itself quickly as a leader in the market industry of health, beauty, and wellness, providing effective cosmetics and high technology equipment.

Mesosystem SA as the owner of several international brands, including MCCM medical cosmetics, is committed in advanced medical cosmetics which combine technology with beauty and well-being. Entrepreneurship and experience create a competitive range of products, based on the highest standard of requirements and accuracy, ensuring high quality.


The wide range and acknowledged high quality of the products sustained the growth in the last decade in very demanding markets, being our products distributed on over 80 countries through a network of distributors. 

The Horizons Export Award by Millenium BCP represents a recognition of Mesosystem SA export dimension, both at the level of the markets in which it expanded and by the growth in export volume.