How to protect your skin from polluted environments?

It has long been recognized that environmental exposures affect the health of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) from sunlight has been the most studied environmental hazard and its consequences on the skin are well established. Another potentially serious environmental exposure is ambient, outdoor air pollution.

Different types of environmental factors can have their own effects on the skin. For example, chemicals such as oil and tar can clog your pores and cause acne or folliculitis. They can also lead to bacterial infections, burns, hair loss, and changes in pigmentation – meaning that the colour of the skin becomes usually darker, but it can become also lighter. Being well-known, second only to the sun, pollution is the biggest aggressor when it comes to aging your skin.



So, how can I protect my skin from these aggressions?


Simple – just use the Antismog Cream by MCCM medical cosmetics.

With anti-inflammatory properties, it provides a protection barrier to the skin. In fact, it was specially developed to create a polysaccharide barrier from an urban polluted environment. Its moisturizing and soothing effect prevents irritation, increases the capacity to deal with the climate variations and promotes skin repair. As the skin becomes highly hydrated, the complete regeneration process is fastened.


It is recommended for all skin types, especially skin exposed to pollution and accentuated climatic variations.
Do not let your skin be fogged and give it back the shine it deserves!

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