How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing in this lockdown period!

After weeks of social distancing and spending the day indoors, you might be wondering why your skin isn’t glowing like it usually does.

It’s common to think that if you are at home your skin is not exposed to pollutants and sunshine, so I don’t have to take care of my skin as before! Get those thought immediately away from your head!

Tips to make this ‘stay at home’ time easier:

1 – Commit yourself to a beauty routine.

Cleanse your face daily:

Cleansing Milk
It removes makeup and skin impurities, promoting a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. Due to its active ingredients, it has soothing and healing properties.

Facial Toner

Facial Tonic rebalances the skin pH, restoring its hydrolipidic film. It provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and smoothness. Recommended for all skin types.

2 – Do not skip your mask

Hydrogel Mask

A refreshing effect on the skin and induction of a natural Botox effect - This facelift comes with hydration and smoothness provided by Marine Collagen, Hexapeptides and Hyaluronic Acid.

Smart Mask

Suitable for mature and aged skin, it will make your skin look renewed and purified. Due to its calming and refreshing effects it can be use by the most sensitive skin.

Moisturizing Mask

It has soothing and healing properties, being recommended to recover dehydrated skin. It reduces intracellular oxidative stress and prevents the colonisation of harmful bacteria on the skin.

3 – A moisturizer for you!

Moisturize and hydrate your skin – give back health to your skin.

Here are some examples:

Antiaging Cream

A nutritive and moisturizing cream that prevents and reduces expression lines and flaccidity on the face. It provides brightness and elasticity to the skin, neutralizing the signs of premature aging.

Hydraface Cream

It offers elasticity, firmness and smoothness to the skin. Suitable for dehydrated and devitalized skins, it helps to restore the optimal level of hydration and combats the free radicals. It has a sun protection factor 15.

Regenerator Cream

It promotes cell proliferation by stimulating the recovery process of irritated or damaged skin. It contains active ingredients that promote skin hydration and nutrition, providing a quick and complete regeneration process.

XR Cellular Magic

A revitalizing serum that reduces expression lines and helps to slow down the aging process of the skin. It’s rich in skin-boosting ingredients like fatty acids and it’s particularly effective in reducing redness and soothing irritated skin.

4 – Protect yourself from the sun all year round.

You should still be wearing Sun Cream even when you’re indoors. Glass windows do not block UVA rays, and these are the main contributing factor to photo-aging - which are changes seen as dark spots, wrinkles, and leathery textured skin.

5 – Take good care of your hands and feet

In a time when keeping your hands free of bacteria is essential, ensure that you also keep them hydrated to prevent dryness and premature signs of ageing. The same goes with your feet – do not forget that they sustain your body.

XR Hand Cream & XR Foot Cream

Repairing skin cracking and dryness of the hands and feet.

6 – Protect yourself and the others with a surgical hygiene and disinfection not only of your hands, but also of surfaces.

Sanitizer Gel

It ensures a reliable and rapid reduction in bacterial count, eliminating the microorganisms in a safe manner being effective against encapsulated viruses and the most common bacteria. It quickly dries and provides skin care and it can be used anytime, anywhere.

Use a mask to maintain the beauty and brightness of your skin.

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